Saturday, January 14, 2012

Second Chance

Joe Byrd hopped in the way-back machine and dialed up 1991 --- getting elected to the Tribal Council again 21 years after his last council election, and 16 years after winning his last election of any kind.  Byrd beat four other candidates, getting nearly two out of three votes.

We’ve chronicled Joe Byrd’s comeback before and it’s clear the people in Cherokee County (and part of Wagoner County) are ready to give Byrd another chance.

We’ve spent some time talking about Byrd’s pro-freedmen stance, his felonious former campaign manager/housing authority director, and all the turmoil know as the Constitutional Crisis that turned out so well that his Byrd’s buddy Bill John Baker joined him as a Deputy Chief candidate in the 1999 election, in which they were both skunked.

So Byrd is back. We assume that he learned from his mistakes.  The question is, did he learn not to make them, or did he just learn not to get caught? We’re sure we’ll all find out in the next few months and years.