Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Chief Baker!

How did we know it was his birthday?  Linda Gray Murphy, Baker’s campaign spokesperson sent us an email inviting us to his 60th birthday party tonight in Tulsa.

All we had to do is bring a gift, preferably that was something like $xx60. Seriously, she suggested donations to Baker’s campaign depending how awesome you think Baker is. If you want to be Visionary, you could give the Chief $4960. If you want to be a Dream Maker, you could give $2560. If you want to be a Guardian, you could give him $1060. If you want to be a partner, you could give $560.  If you want to be a friend you could give $60.  

At Cherokee Truth, we’re just normal folks trying to get by.   

And we really thought our elders would be getting their $200 checks before the Chief came asking us for $4960 checks.  But we were wrong about that. 

Regardless, it gives us a good idea.  Cherokee Truth will be celebrating its first birthday in May.  We’ll get a paypal account set up so you can pay us for being such ‘visionaries.’