Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bill John Baker, The First Day

As we noted last night, there was an abrupt transition of power yesterday, as APCSJC moved down a spot on the pecking order and Baker was sworn in about 6 hours after the Supreme Court cleared the path for him to do so.

The abrupt transition apparently continued today.   Baker sent out an email today saying that he has appointed Chuck Hoskin, Sr. as his Chief of Staff and let six group leaders go, while putting three other “senior level employees” were put on administrative leave. 

It stands to reason that Baker will want to bring in some of his own people.  It also stands to reason that he’s seen the Cherokee Nation up close as a council member for the last eight years, and he even acknowledges that the folks Smith has had running the various departments have done a “good” (but not “great”) job. 

We hope that, in the interest of transparency, he'll tell us who he's putting on leave and who he's letting go, and maybe even why.  It would make sense for people who are doing a "good" job to keep doing it, right?

But Baker also told the Cherokee Phoenix last night that he was looking for a “‘world-class team of leaders’ to help guide the nation and said he needs suggestions from the Cherokee citizenry.”  So it looks like resumes are going to be accepted.

With Baker’s emphasis on Cherokee hiring, we assume that he’ll bring in Cherokees with better resumes and experience to replace any Cherokees who-- he says-- aren't "world-class."  Regardless, we hope that he’s treating Cherokee citizens and employees with courtesy, respect, and maybe some of those hugs he has left over from last night.

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