Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Election Limbo Part Two, Day THE LAST: Baker Swears, Hugs

Photo Courtesy KTUL: Baker takes the oath on the Courthouse steps
Bill John Baker is Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.  

The Cherokee Nation Supreme Court threw out the election appeal filed by Smith, and Baker hurried down to the courthouse tonight, where he was sworn in by Justice Jim Wilcoxen.

Baker told the Daily Oklahoman:

“It is time to bring our Cherokee family together and move our nation from good to great. I deeply appreciate the Cherokee people for placing their faith in my leadership.”
Channel 8’s online story included a statement from Smith as well, which read in part:  “I acknowledge that Bill John Baker has been elected to the Office of Principal Chief and offer him any help I may provide in building the Nation I so love, and have been honored to serve for the past 12 years.”
Fox 23 already has video of Baker up on their web site, and he declares his first order of business is to hug every single person he possibly can.
So election limbo is over.  APCSJC gets to ease into his preferred job of Deputy Chief, Meredith Frailey heads back over to the Council House and Bill John Baker is Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.