Friday, October 21, 2011

Remembering John Ketcher

John Ketcher---Photo Courtesy Tulsa World
Today is a good day to pause and reflect.  The Cherokee Nation buried John Ketcher today, our former Deputy Chief.  After all the turmoil, it’s probably a good time to remember Chief Ketcher and what he stood for.  The Cherokee Phoenix had a story about Ketcher and quoted Cara Cowan Watts as saying: “John was a patriot of the Cherokee Nation and truly gave his heart and soul to the Tribe and our communities throughout his lifetime… I am honored to have worked with him on community issues and shared issues to advance the Tribe as a Nation. John Ketcher will be greatly missed.”

Baker also had nice things to say: “John Ketcher gave tirelessly to the Cherokee Nation and our people.  He is a role model for all those that followed him in this life.  His kindness and unselfishness will be dearly missed by all that knew him.”

If you don’t have a subscription, here’s a quote that gives you a sense of the man we lost:  “When I was growing up, certain people didn’t feel good about themselves; some of them wouldn’t even talk Cherokee in mixed groups, as if they were ashamed of being Indian,” Ketcher said, before saying that his goal was “Putting pride back into being Cherokee.”  Consider that a mission accomplished, Chief Ketcher.

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