Sunday, November 13, 2011

District 2 Pseudoresults

We're impatient.  We don't usually deal in rumors and speculation, but there haven't been any media reports yet on who won/lost or is in a runoff.  So we're just going to pass on what we've heard hopefully be able to confirm it pretty soon. 

What we've heard is that Joe Adair and Frankie Hargis are going to be in a runoff, which will be December 3.  

We don't have a whole lot more information than that at this point.  

There's good news and bad news on this: If you google Joe or Frankie, you'll find Cherokee Truth right there at the top of information about them.  That means people are paying attention to us.  The bad news is, there's not a lot out there on the interwebs for folks to learn about them. 

We've got a few weeks to learn more, and then one of them will be taking Joe Crittenden's place on the Tribal Council.

Frankie Hargis hugging S. Joe Crittenden-- Photo Courtesy Cherokee Phoenix