Monday, November 7, 2011

Just Say No to Rumors

We’ve had to delete a few comments in the last couple of days.  People are posting rumors about what certain people in Baker’s team supposedly make.  For a guy who campaigned on transparency, that shouldn’t be a problem, but at Cherokee Truth, we don’t deal in rumors.  If Baker is bringing in a bunch of people and paying them a ton of money, let’s prove it and let the Cherokee people know and they can decide.  If anyone has documented proof of any of this, let us know at  Heck, if someone wants to submit a fact-based guest blog on the subject, we’d probably run it.  Or if you send us documentation but want your identity hidden, of course we won’t reveal it.  But as is often the case, this might just be a stack of rumors 19 million miles tall.  If it is, and you want to spread those rumors, feel free to do it elsewhere.  Our lil’ blog is only for the truth, so if you want to bash Chief Baker, do it factually or do it elsewhere.  Tomorrow, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled Truth.  Until then, behave yourselves.