Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Enough About You, Let's Talk About Us!

Pardon us while we toot our own horn!
People have asked if we are going anywhere, now that the election is over.  The short answer is, no.  After six months of almost daily blogs, we’ll probably slow down. But we’re going to keep doing this, in part, because it seems no one else will.

When we started, no one else was doing what we are doing on Facebook (or on our blogspot):  using facts and cutting through the B.S. to get to what was really going on with the Cherokee Nation and the election(s).  We link to documents and reliable sources to back up what we say.  We don’t just copy what someone else says; we interpret, research and write blogs based on facts so you can make informed decisions.  And we’ll continue to do that.

When we started, we had no following. Zero.  Now, less than six months later, we have more than 1,000 fans.  3,500 different people visit our page every month.  Every day, we have 6,000+ post views, which means people are actually reading what they see here.  

And some of you are talking back!  We average almost 90 bits of feedback a day (comments, likes, shares, etc.).  If you want to see how far reaching we are, do a google image search of Joe Crittenden.  What comes back number one?  Cherokee Truth, that’s what.
The bulk of our readers are 35 and older and 68% are female.  What's most amazing to us is where we're being read. Cherokee Truth is internationally enjoyed in countries like The United Kingdom, Canada, South Korea, France, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Sweden, New Zealand, Singapore, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, India, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia and Italy.
And if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then we are most flattered. We've lost count of how many other pages have used some variation of our name, Truth, Truths, etc. But that flattery hasn't quite matched the original, we figure, because no one else is putting in the time to come up with cold, hard verifiable facts about what is going on in the Cherokee Nation.
What started out as a little blog that we thought would last about 45 days tops has morphed into-- well this. This is our 169th blog post. 
As always, we appreciate your help in all this.  Police yourselves--- no name calling or ugliness. Do send us ideas for what to talk about and if you have them, email us documents and facts that we need to keep people informed.  And tell your friends.  We know you have a lot of choices out there on the web-- so thanks for reading and sticking with the Truth.

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