Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Election Limbo Day 11: UKB Truth

We’ll try to shine some light on a dispute between the Smith and Baker camps over whether non-citizens voted in the election.

"And in maybe the biggest act of hypocrisy, Smith is now against voters who are dual enrolled with the UKB (these are the folks he calls non-registered voters), even though until a few years ago he himself was dual enrolled. Has Smith no shame?"

But today, Smith’s team posted a response from Deputy Chief Joe Grayson, saying that the court document did not refer to dual-enrolled Cherokees, but only those who aren’t Cherokee citizens:

“It's not clear whether Mr. Hoskin is willfully misinforming the public or just doesn't understand the court documents. Or maybe he just doesn't understand the citizenship laws of the Cherokee Nation. But the record is clear: people who are not citizens of the Cherokee Nation should not vote in our elections.”
So what’s the TRUTH?

Well, you can look it up for yourself  on the Supreme Court’s web site and scroll down to page 9 for the relevant info.

The filing uses the words non-citizen and relinquishment over and over again.  It seems like it’s pretty clear they are NOT talking about people who have dual citizenship, but it’s possible Hoskin had not had time to look through it before he made his statements.  It’s also possible the reporter didn’t think to check.  Regardless, if people aren't citizens, they shouldn't vote, right?

Anyway, we’re guessing this might be the calm before Friday’s storm.  A few news stories today, a little something at the court house and not much else. 

Smith appears to be having the same problems with the Election Commission that Baker had last week: he can’t get the information that he needs to try to make his case.  His attorneys filed something today to try to make the commission turn that information over.

That story had a little something new from a law professor saying that the election is  "not something the federal courts are going to deal with, but at some point, the Bureau of Indian Affairs will have to deal with the Cherokee government, and it raises questions for the federal government as to who the new chief is."

Meanwhile,  the Tulsa World took a dive into the exhibits of Smith’s appeal, pointing out more irregularities in the recount. 

So far, even Baker’s folks haven’t gone so far as to say in court documents that the recount was handled well, but they do make strong arguments that the recount is final and that’s that, even if it’s wrong.

We’ll see if there is more tomorrow.  If not, Friday will be quite a day and may settle this thing once and for all.

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