Monday, July 11, 2011

Election Limbo Day 15 & 16- Lost & Found

We've sat back and watched for the last couple of days as this election saga continues to unwind. 

And late yesterday evening, the case of the Vanishing Votes came to a head. The Supreme Court, candidates and their lawyers watched as the Election Commissioners opened the vault and counted the envelopes that absentee ballots were mailed in-- all 6,166 of them. That's nearly 300 MORE than were accounted for in the recount tallies for absentee ballots. And with that count, Baker's theory that some of Smith's absentee ballots were double-counted on election night flew out the window and the results of that "recount" are now under scrutiny.

The Supreme Court hasn't yet reconvened to tell us what they will do with this information but we expect that to happen this week.

Meanwhile, late this morning, Smith called a press conference and talked to the media about these developments. He later posted an update and statement on his website, and said in part, "The court still has to tell us what the next step is, and how to go about fixing this mistake, but it is time for my opponent to acknowledge what the election commission, and common sense, tell us all:  the recount was wrong and the original total was right.  For him to do anything else is to deny what he saw up close with his own eyes.  If he refuses to admit he was wrong about the recount, when every bit of evidence shows that he was, it means that Bill John Baker will say anything and do anything to be Chief."

Baker's only statement was sent to the media. If you go to his website, his acceptance speech is still the home page. He also hasn't made any comments on his campaign Facebook page as of post time tonight. But, you can see some of what he wrote to the media in this news story that The News on 6 aired tonight. He actually said, "[Smith] behaves like a dictator who believes the Cherokee Nation belongs to him and his henchmen."

It's been interesting to watch how each candidate reacts to the twists and turns this election has thrown at them. The only thing we know for sure, is that we should be close to some kind of resolution because the Supreme Court has figured out those "Vanishing Votes" on recount night were always there. 

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