Sunday, July 31, 2011

Election Limbo Day 36- Deputy Chief/Chief

We’ve heard that S. Joe Crittenden will be sworn in on August 14 as Deputy Chief, and that at some point he’ll be acting chief.  Now we know that Crittenden will be in charge of the Nation until at least September 24th, depending on how fast the votes are counted and how long after that it takes to make things official, certified, etc.

So what’s the process for all this?  Does Crittenden take his Deputy Chief oath on August 14th, do a 180 and take the oath as Principal Chief?  Who is Deputy Chief then?  The Constitution says that it is the Speaker of the Council.  Right now, that’s Meredith Frailey, but we don’t know what that means a couple of weeks from now.  Is she still Speaker on August 14?  If so, is she automatically the Deputy Chief?  Or does the new council get a chance to elect (or re-elect) a new Speaker?  If so, when would they do that?  And who is Deputy Chief until then?  And does S. Joe get paid Principal Chief money for his short term as the big boss?

The council does have a special rules committee meeting scheduled for August 18, and a regular council meeting on August 22.  So they could address those things at that time. 

But until then, who knows what’s really going to happen?

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