Saturday, July 23, 2011

Election Limbo Day 28: Deputy Decision?

Tonight’s election results should come in online at after the polls close at 7.   There are run-offs for three council races and Deputy Chief.  Chris Soap got almost 47% of the vote in the general election, and Joe Crittenden got 36%. 

The other run-offs feature a couple of council members going against each other , Jodie Fishinghawk and Harley Buzzard in District 2.  Fishinghawk got more than 40% of the vote the first time around, making it an uphill election for Buzzard.  In District One, it’s two new comers going against each other, Mark Vance and David Walkingstick.  Walkingstick got almost twice as many votes as Vance the first time around, but only 36% of the total in a crowded field.   And in District 4, which is Mayes, Washington, Nowata and Craig counties,  only about 50 votes separated incumbent Brad Cobb from challenger Nick Lay.

Tomorrow, (or late tonight) we'll know a little bit more truth about what our government will look like.