Sunday, August 21, 2011

34 Days until the New Election: It’s An Honor Just to Be Nominated

The interesting items are the ones that were on a special council meeting which Baker and his friends skipped on purpose.

Sharon Wright is nominated as Marshal, Diane Hammons is nominated as Attorney General, and Susan Plumb is nominated as election commissioner.

Wright and Hammons were nominated by Smith, before his term expired and passed committee.  Acting Chief Joe Crittenden is in charge now, and voted against Wright in committee, but in favor of Hammons.  He won’t get a chance to vote on them in full council, but he’s said he thinks that the nominations should wait until the permanent chief is in office (either Smith or Baker).  The terms of these appointees are for five years, and are meant to overlap the terms of the chief.  The terms expired during the Smith administration, so he thinks he’s supposed to nominate them.  Crittenden thinks the new chief should nominate them. 

The council really are the ones who get to decide, and it’s hard to say how the votes will go.  Hammons passed unanimously in committee, so her nomination might go through, but Wright’s was tougher, and Baker voted against it.  Crittenden and Frailey are off the council and there are new folks on who didn’t vote in committee, so who knows how it will go.

Plumb passed unanimously, and is a council appointee, but we wonder if it will matter that the current council didn’t vote on her in committee.  Either way, she could have been on the commission the past three weeks, but hasn’t been because of the council members who skipped the meeting, including Baker.

Also, tomorrow night will be Joe Crittenden’s first shot at a state of the nation address to the council.  We’ll try to watch the live stream and see what happens.