Thursday, August 11, 2011

Election Limbo Day 47- Smith Contributions

Yesterday, we talked about Baker’s contributors for the July reporting period, so now let’s check out Smith's.

First off, he started with a balance of $54,348 in the bank, and reported $133,730 in total funds raised.  He also made his second loan to the campaign… his first was $100, back in April, but this one was more substantial: $14,000.

Smith’s contributors include $727.95 from Susan Chapman Plumb, the nominee for the election commission, who, as we reported yesterday, also gave to Baker.

Smith raised money from people in the political arena: Tulsa County Commissioner John Smaligo gave Smith $200, former state insurance commissioner Kim Holland gave $500, former Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor gave $1000, former congressman Brad Carson pitched in for $2500 and former Chief Ross Swimmer gave $2000.

He also snagged $5000 donation from Jim Carson of Stilwell, who has served on different boards at Cherokee Nation for a long time, and Howard Barnett, who is in charge of OSU-Tulsa.  The list is long, as it would have to be, to cover the $133,730 raised.  That may be the single largest fundraising month for either candidate for the entire campaign.

Smith’s fundraising total through the whole campaign $378,674.96. On top of his $14,100 loans, Smith has had a total of $392,774.94 to spend on his campaign thus far. 

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