Sunday, August 7, 2011

Election Limbo Day 43: Let’s Hear From You

 Many of you have noticed, and commented on, the fact that we’ve turned off the ability for you all to post your own threads and conversations.  The main reason for that is for us to stay focused on the reason this page exists:  to talk about issues in a calm and rational way, and to use facts to back up what we say.  So if someone says that there is ‘obviously corruption’ or that a candidate is a crook, we need to see some proof.  If corruption is obvious, let’s put it out there as proof.  Let’s get someone to prosecute it and put people behind bars.  If we can’t do that, then maybe it’s not obvious.

There is a lot of public information about the Cherokee Nation, more now than there ever has been.  We still want to hear from you, and we’ll probably allow other posts in the future, as well as guest blogs from people who have well-reasoned, fact based ideas about important issues.  For now, if there is a topic that needs the clear light of day shined upon it, then tell us here in the comment section, or send us an email at

Keep in mind we’re just Cherokee citizens like you, not professional researchers or journalists, so we’ll investigate as much as we can and try to find the truth and let you know what it is.  If you have truth, and can back it up with facts and evidence, that is exactly what we’re here for and we’d love to help get the word out.  Let’s work together on this, huh?