Tuesday, August 16, 2011

39 Days Until the New Election: Smith Spending

Last week we went back to campaign finances, talking about the July finance reports for contributions for both Baker and Smith.

Things got busy this weekend, but since the August reports are coming out soon, we’ll dig into the numbers on HOW they candidates spent their money in the last days of the general election.  This time, we’ll start with Smith and move to Baker tomorrow.

Smith’s expenses, like his fundraising, were pretty eye-popping for the July reporting period.  For instance, he spent $103,872.54 on printing.  That buys a lot of ink and paper, we reckon.  It looks like most of that went to a company called Majority Designs in Oklahoma City.  The next biggest expenditure was $44,342.23 for compensation to individuals.  The biggest chunk of that seems to be more than $22,000 to a company called Cole Hargrave Snodgrass in Oklahoma City, which, surprisingly, doesn’t seem to have a web page, but does appear to have been founded at one point by current U.S. representative Tom Cole.  The other big line item was $11,276.65 for advertisements.

In all, Smith spent $174,018.25 between June 1 and June 29.  That brings his total expenditures to $364,714.44 and his campaign balance is $28,060.50.

But don't just take our word for it.  Check the links and see for yourself.

Tomorrow:  Baker's expenditures.