Friday, September 23, 2011

1 Day Until the New Election: You Must Vote Tomorrow*

Cherokees get to vote for Principal Chief again tomorrow.  Aren’t we lucky?  But we want to make this perfectly clear:  Cherokees by blood HAVE to vote tomorrow.  There’s been some confusion, even on this page, saying that walk-in voting has been extended, but that’s only the case for freedmen, because of the federal court order.

Also, if you got an absentee ballot, you have to get it to Tahlequah tomorrow as well, unless you are a freedman, because they have until October 8 to return theirs.  

The point being, if you vote tomorrow, it will count.  If you don’t vote tomorrow, you might be screwed, unless you have a court order that applies to you.  

No matter who you want for chief, please vote tomorrow.  This means you.