Tuesday, September 6, 2011

18 Days Until the New Election: Marilyn Manson Edition

Last week, we talked about how some people seem to think the freedmen court decision might alter the election with the overall perception being that it would benefit Baker more than Smith if freedmen folks couldn't vote.  

Well, while we were all celebrating the Cherokee National Holiday, freedmen were suing the pants off of the Cherokee Nation.  On Friday night, about the time some of us were loading up on more funnel cake than anyone can really justify, the freedmen asked a federal judge to fire all Cherokee Nation employees, close the health clinics, and terminate the Cherokee Nation.  

That, my friends, is a little harder to swallow than the last Indian taco when the powwow shuts down.  We understand the freedmen not being excited about getting booted out of the tribe via constitutional amendment/supreme court action.

But it takes a special kind of person to pull the ol’ "if I can’t have you no one can" move and the freedmen are basically telling us that if they can’t be part of the Cherokee Nation, then rest of us should just swallow a hand grenade.  And that tastes even worse than leftover powwow food.

They also asked the judge to stop the election, or at least let them vote, and there will apparently be a hearing on September 20th to decide what happens.  

Does this mean that our election will be postponed?  Stopped?  Or will the freedmen get their way and eliminate all our funding and our tribal recognition with the stroke of a judge’s pen?

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