Thursday, September 22, 2011

2 Days Until the New Election: Baker Finance Reports

As we’ve already mentioned, Smith and Baker have combined to make this a million dollar campaign.  We’ve already looked at Smith’s latest finance report, so today it’s Baker’s turn.
In the last reporting period, Baker raised $150,330, and had expenditures by others for another $2521.97 for a fundraising total of $152,851.97.  Notable Baker contributors include former Chief Joe Byrd at $2000, former Governor David Walters at $1000 and former CNI boss Bryan Collins.  By our quick count, he had 285 contributors with an average donation of $536.32. 
His biggest expenses were $62,337.68 for printing, $41,260 for mailing and $29,665 for miscellaneous, which includes money to a DC firm for phone calls.
A new employee seems to be Mrs. Chuck Hoskin Jr., but of course it could be some other January Hoskin.   
Baker’s total expenditures for the reporting period, which for him ended on the 15th, were $150,325.53, leaving him $63,702.69 to spend over the last nine days of the campaign.  Which works out to about $7,000 day.  Assuming he doesn’t raise/loan himself another penny.  

Reminder:  Go Vote Saturday.