Saturday, September 3, 2011

21 Days Until the New Election: State of the Nation, according to Acting Principal Chief S. Joe Crittenden (APCSJC)

What is the state of the Cherokee Nation?  From all accounts from Tahlequah today, the state of the Cherokee Nation is blazin’ hot, if nothing else.  The actual state of the Nation today was long, maybe longer than ever.  The event was live streamed at so Cherokees everywhere got to see the sweatiness as fast as your internet connection could handle it.

What we saw was relatively uneventful.  APCSJC talked about a lot of the successes of the past year, focusing on jobs, language and community, which is the holiday theme.  The rest of his speech sounded like it was written by Baker’s campaign staff, because he started Baker’s riff about having Cherokees building houses for Cherokees, and hiring Cherokee people at the Cherokee Nation, neither of which seem to be controversial and the latter already being Cherokee Nation hiring policy.  He didn’t mention the plane, which means if Baker’s people wrote it, Crittenden at least got to edit the speech before he stood up to deliver it. 

Overall, we’re just happy that between the Freedmen, Baker’s people and Smith’s people, there seemed to be little actual anger, just a lot of polite clapping, nervous laughter and awkwardness.

For more right now, check out the Tulsa World, or the streaming events at when they get around to posting it.