Tuesday, May 31, 2011

25 Days Until the Election- Save a Hog!

Candidates are having hog fries and ice creams socials and every kind of event you can think of to reach voters, so today we offered each of the Principal Chief candidates a chance to reach several hundred Cherokee voters without having to slaughter a hog, hire an out-of-state person to call voters, or fill our mailbox with clutter.  Our statistics show an average of more than 200 folks per day actively engage on our Facebook page, and more than 15,800 impressions of our content have been viewed by folks on Facebook just this week. Additionally, an average of 79 folks view our content on www.cherokeetruth.blogspot.com every day. 

We sent an email out to both campaigns today, through their official campaign web sites/emails, asking them to submit 700 words or less, with a preferred photo, for a free guest blog.  Our restrictions were few:  try to be positive and give a reason why people should vote for him as a candidate rather than vote against the other guy; back up any facts/numbers they use so we can be sure we are passing along the TRUTH; first candidate to respond will be the first candidate published; both candidates have a week to respond before we will publish anything.

We understand that the candidates are busy and may not choose to respond and we won’t hold it against them if they don’t.  But it sure would be respectful to the hundreds of you who are on the blog and facebook page every day if they did. So if you support a particular candidate, please ask them to contribute to the TRUTH.

Ideally, the first candidate who submits will have his guest blog posted on Wednesday, June 8th. Until then, we'll keep plugging away looking for the truth. Wado!

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