Wednesday, May 25, 2011

31 Days Until the Election- The Truth Hurts

We’ve taken some criticism lately because a lot of the truth we’ve been talking about has been perceived to be saying that Baker hasn’t told the truth on some issues.  Part of this is because Smith hasn’t made a whole lot of claims, and hasn’t been saying a lot of negative things about Baker.  Hasn’t said a lot period, really.  It appears so far that Baker’s strategy is to point out what he thinks Chad has done wrong, and Chad’s strategy seems to be pointing out everything good that’s happened since the turn of the century.  Or, as we said in the debate blog:

We’ve talked a little bit about our purpose before and you can click here for a reminder.

The point today is, if you have verifiable facts that can either prove something a candidate says is true, or prove that it is false, every Cherokee should know it.  And we’ll do our part.  But please don't blame us when the truth doesn't reflect well on the candidate of your choice. As always, you can send us an email at

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