Monday, May 9, 2011

47 Days Until the Election- Truth Requires Proof

Lost in the latest flurry of name-calling has been an allegation Smith threw out last week.  He says Baker's camp is being hypocritical by accepting money from a non-Indian vendor of the Cherokee Nation  when Baker promised not to do that.

Smith said he would not reject money from vendors, and apparently has taken some, but since we're about the facts here, it would be nice to see if there is any truth to the accusations against Baker or if this is just name calling.  

We at Cherokee Truth could undertake a lengthy research project and try to request the information from Cherokee Nation, but that could take a while.  It seems like if you are calling someone non-Indian and that they are a vendor, that would be easy for the Smith campaign to either prove or not.

If it's true, and Baker is breaking a campaign promise, then everyone should know and our friends at the Cherokee Phoenix should run a story.  If it's not true, then Smith shouldn't say it.

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