Tuesday, May 10, 2011

46 Days Until the Election-Restating our Purpose

In recent days, we've had several folks find Cherokee Truth on Facebook, where we also post these same daily blogs. To our new friends, thanks for joining us!

However, after seeing many of today's Facebook posts, we thought we'd take a moment to remind you all why we are here.  

This blog and Facebook page exist as a place where thoughtful, well-reasoned and fact-based discussions about Cherokee politics can occur.  Posts that do not fit that criteria will be deleted and we've already deleted some.  Don't take it personally.  However, if we have to delete the same person's comments repeatedly, we will not hesitate to block participation.  There is a whole world wide web for hatefulness, name-calling or personal attacks. This is not that forum.

In short, here are the ground rules for content:  No personal attacks.  Cherokees should treat each other well.  No hatefulness.  No unsubstantiated rumors (remember, we are talking about the truth here).  Lastly, we get to be the judge of who and what crosses the line.  It's our sandbox, and we really hope you like it, but if you can't play by our rules, find another sandbox that's more your style.

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