Monday, May 23, 2011

33 Days Until the Election- When 3000 + 5000 = -1000

It took us some time, but we managed to research some of the numbers from the debate where Bill John Baker claimed that the Cherokee Nation has actually lost 1,000 jobs since Smith took over. 

We haven’t been able to verify Baker’s claim that there were 3,000 employees at the Cherokee Nation in 1999.  However, we have been able to find that there were not 1,000 jobs at Hastings ---but approximately 600.

And there were not 1,000 at the Housing Authority--- there were approximately 250.

Baker has not presented evidence that the Cherokee Nation is not hiring Cherokees.  Moreover, his numbers on Cherokee Nation Businesses were proven wrong by both the Cherokee Phoenix and Cherokee Truth.

Baker, and the Cherokee people, would be better off if he stuck to the truth. 

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