Thursday, May 19, 2011

37 Days Until the Election- Thunder UP!

Just a couple of housekeeping things tonight and then it's on to some more important business...

Glad to see that The Cherokee Phoenix FINALLY got around to actually publishing a story online about the debate THEY conducted five days ago. Just days after The Tahlequah Daily Press and others, like us at Cherokee Truth! Anyway, just thought you might want to read their take. If so, click the hot link above.

Second-- if you've got a truth topic/idea, shoot us an email at Several of you have done that and our goal is to answer as many truths as we can in these final days before the big election. And we'd love it if you would encourage your friends to like us on Facebook or read our blog. We are flattered and humbled every day to see the fan number grow. 

We'll be back tomorrow slingin' some truth, but frankly tonight, we are watching the Thunder! No matter who you're voting for in the Cherokee Election-- we can at least all be united about The Thunder. Someone commented to us today that they thought Serge Ibaka was Cherokee. Ha!

Right now the score is 71 to 69 and the Thunder are ahead. Back to the game!