Tuesday, June 14, 2011

11 Days Until the Election- Term Limits: When Yes Means No

The discussion, pros and cons, on term limits have been covered by others quite a bit.  The Cherokee Phoenix had dueling editorials by Tribal Councilor Cara Cowan-Watts and  Phoenix Editor Bryan Pollard.

Smith and Baker have aired their disagreements over term limits pretty well in two debates, and we’ve covered those in our blogs 42 Days Until the Election and 18 Days Until the Election.

Term limits are an issue in all governments, it's not uniquely Cherokee.  The Cherokee Nation currently has term limits, but there are two separate votes on the June 25 ballot to repeal them.  One vote deals with the term limits for the Chief and Deputy Chief, and one vote deals with the term limits for the council.

Voting YES on either of those amendments GETS RID OF TERM LIMITS.  So if you vote yes, term limits go away, and if you vote NO, TERM LIMITS STAY IN PLACE.

So today, we want to turn it over to you all.  How are you going to vote on term limits?

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