Thursday, June 23, 2011

2 Days Until The Election- Great Balls of Fire, McFly!

With just a few hours until the polls open Saturday, and walk-in and mail-in voting already under way, there’s not much time left for campaign strategies.  But in the last couple of days, both the Baker and Smith campaigns have sent out some interesting emails. 

Baker’s camp sent out an email with outrageous statements that they claim Baker ISN’T making.  Smith’s campaign sent out an email that includes a video clip of an old Baker ad.  

We agree on many levels.  First and foremost, we agree that Bill John will not do these things.  We also believe he will not strangle kittens.  But as far as we can tell and from what we’ve heard, none of these have ever been campaign issues.  

Gone with the Wind
If Baker’s last minute platform is to tell voters that he promises to treat the Cherokee Nation at least slightly better than Sherman treated Georgia in the Civil War, then super.  We’ll rest easy Saturday night knowing that if Baker is elected, he has promised not to evict us on Sunday.

Back the the Future
Meanwhile, Smith apparently fired up the DeLorean and found an old campaign video of Baker from 1999 and sent it out in an email blast.

It’s 13 seconds of nostalgia.  Apparently this will make the true hearted Cherokee burst into a patriotic rage, seeing Baker and Byrd smiling together as ‘responsible leadership for the Cherokee Nation,’ while Smith is in a chokehold. 

Make like a tree-- and get outta here!
Perhaps Smith’s closing strategy is to post pictures of himself getting a 1.21 gigawatt booty-kickin’ from a Biff-wannabe.  And maybe mix in some inspirational music and glamour shots of Baker.

So here’s today’s TRUTH:  You should check out both candidates for yourself.  Our blog and Facebook notes are a good place to start, as we’ve spent 50+ straight days digging through the campaign material quagmire for the truth.  But please do your own research, study the candidates, use common sense and go vote. 

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