Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Election Limbo Day 3: Baker and Smith agree on Something for Once

The Tulsa World is reporting the Baker has filed something in the Cherokee Nation Supreme Court, asking the Court to tell the Election Commission to give  the campaign some documents and explanations so we can all figure out what happened in the election.  Right now, all that’s available is the basic information from election night and the final results.

Baker told the World that “We’re trying to get the facts and will accept nothing but an open and transparent process to determine the winner of this important election.”

Apparently the commission is not handing out information that should probably be public anyway, like how many people voted in certain precincts and why the vote changed between Sunday and Monday. 

Baker wants the information Smith does too.  He said on his web site: “What was filed in the Supreme Court today is part of the process, just a request for the production of the records from the election.  We would like to see the same documents and hope the election commission makes them available to all parties.

So hooray, Smith and Baker are united in wanting the information made public.  We’ll see if the Supreme Court agrees.  The case is posted on their web site and you can check out the case yourself.

There’s some very interesting reading in there, and we strongly suggest you read it. Baker’s attorney Kayln Free gives us the first insight into the Baker campaign’s version of events to this point. 

Finally, it’s been reported that tomorrow is the deadline for a request for a recount, so if anyone has information on that issue tomorrow, please send it to us at cherokeetruth@gmail.com.

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