Saturday, June 11, 2011

14 Days/Blogs Until the Election

Two weeks from tonight, we’ll know who will be Chief of the Cherokee Nation for the next four years.  In the next few days, we’ll get the final pre-election campaign finance reports and we’ll analyze those for you.  We’ve had a lot of discussion in the debates about 2 of the 3 ballot questions (on term limits for Chief/Deputy Chief and for council); in the next two weeks we’ll try to spend a day on the other one, which is about how the Cherokee people select council members who leave office before their terms expire. 

This August, that could come into play since Baker and Crittenden both are on the Tribal Council, and if they win we assume they’ll resign their council positions and those positions will need to be filled.

Finally, we’ll cover the truth that isn’t getting reported anywhere else.  No one else, not even the Cherokee Phoenix, has analyzed the finance reports like we have.  No one else has taken both candidates to task when their campaign statements have been anything less than the truth.  Part of that comes from the help of you all, as readers.  We’ve used blog ideas from people who have Baker signs as their profile picture and we’ve used blog ideas from people with Smith signs as their profile pictures.  What matters is that every time, we’ve been able to find the facts behind what the candidates are saying.

We appreciate any truth you, the readers, can give us in the next two weeks, to help inform Cherokee voters.  Email us at or message us on Facebook if you want to help.

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