Sunday, June 5, 2011

20 Days Until the Election: Deputy Chief Campaign Finances

As one alert reader pointed out (thanks Robin McClain Smith), we haven’t covered campaign finance for the Deputy Chief race.  So we researched it, and then we remembered why we haven’t covered it much.  Four candidates and we’ll break it down quickly and alphabetically.

S. Joe Crittenden, current council member has raised $3,250 from donors, and loaned himself more than $6200, for a total of nearly $10,000 raised.  He’s got about $940 left.

Callie Hathcoat has submitted two reports that are kinda blotchy and hard to read.  We’ll leave it to you to try to figure it out, but she reports nearly $5000 in expenses the first month.

If the expenses are itemized, the Phoenix hasn’t posted them online, like they have for everyone else.  If they are not itemized, then that’s a violation of campaign laws.  The May finance report shows a previous balance, which wasn’t on the April report and some math we don’t understand.  If you understand it better, have at it and let us know.

Chris Soap has raised the most money, a total of more than $34,000. He raised $24,337 from the April reporting period and $10,115.72 for the May reporting period.

We’re going to give ourselves some kind of award for awesome addition techniques:  Soap’s May report shows a balance of $4325.44, which is actually the difference between the amount he raised that month and the amount he spent.  With his beginning balance, he has almost exactly $10,000 in the bank.  Which is more than his closest fund raising rival has raised (and spent) already.

Raymond Vann has raised $1,025 between loans and donations and he’s got $139 left. Here are his April and May reports

We’ll return to our regular programming tomorrow.  Here’s a clue:  We’re getting to the bottom of the ‘Hatch Act’ stuff some of you have been talking about.

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