Saturday, June 25, 2011

Election Day- ᎯᏁᏧᎢ!

We thought we'd never get here! It's been a long 55 days since we started this blog and we never thought it would get the momentum like it did. Thanks to all who have read, commented, agreed, disagreed, and shared with their friends. It's been fun and it has certainly been an education. One of you asked if we will continue this blog; yes-- but it won't be a "post every day" situation.

So, it's election day. Folks are heading out to the polls, waving signs and getting excited for the dramatic conclusion. You should be able to watch the results come in on the Election Commission's webpage. The polls close at 7 pm tonight. 

Wado, and remember: ᎯᏁᏧᎢ (hi-ne-tsu-i) VOTE.

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