Saturday, June 18, 2011

7 Days Until the Election- Dueling Emails & Airborne Plumbing

One week before the election both campaigns sent out emails, so we’ll try to be timely and let you know what they’re all about, and how true they might be.

Watch for Flying Sinks!
The first one we saw was from Sherry Baker, Bill John's wife. She talked about how great Bill John is, and that it’s time for a change at Cherokee Nation.  She said "Over the next week you will see Chad Smith throw everything including the Kitchen Sink at my husband.”  Then she picked up some porcelain herself and pointed out that Smith had 75 volunteers working yesterday, but claimed most of them were Cherokee Nation employees who were off the clock and were only there “because they are scared for their jobs.” 

It’s not clear if she meant they were scared Bill John would fire them if he won, or scared that Smith would fire them if they didn’t help him.  We ran that through the ‘what’s more likely’ filter and here’s what we came up with:  is it more likely that Smith would fire the 3500 Cherokee Nation employees who didn’t take time off work yesterday to help him? (note: there were no mass firings after Smith's re-elections in 2003 & 2007) Or is it more likely that Baker would fire the 75 employees who did take time off work to help Smith? 

Just to be clear, we’ve been contacted by one of those 75 people, and that person took the email to mean that Baker plans to clean house after the election and that person feels pretty intimidated.

Smith’s email to his supporters was somewhat different.  With a brief introduction, it was an editorial from the Tulsa World, endorsing Smith.  The endorsement, and Smith’s email, had nothing negative to say about Baker, only praising Smith’s accomplishments and track record. 

I guess the kitchen sink will come later.

That’s the truth about what happened today. Only one week to go!


  1. I'm a Cherokee Nation employee who volunteered yesterday and yes I took annual leave. I'm not afraid of losing my job with Chief Smith at the helm. I would be afraid with Baker in charge because of his inability to make good decisions. Being a successful businessman doesn't mean losing nearly $60,000 yearly. How does that compute when you talk about multi millions? This is only one of my concerns. I don't understand why we're just hearing from mrs. Baker. I haven't heard or seen her during this campaign. Her face hasn't been on any of the literature we receive in the mail. What's with that? BJB never mentions her and now she puts her 2 cents in by throwing in her kitchen sink?

  2. I was there yesterday volunteering too-- and I am not an employee. The mood was jubilant. Everyone who was there wanted to be there. It was a great day!